Saturday, December 21, 2013

imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

This is another free product I received with my influenster maple voxbox. I have never purchased this product before since I have my own gel nail kit. After trying out the product I actually fell in love with how quick and easy it is to put on, as advertised it only take a few minutes to glam up your nails. You clean your nails with the alcohol wipes provided in the kit choose the right size nails then peel off the film and gently stick on each nail. Yes it's that simple! I had it on for a few days now and it is still sticking on pretty tightly seems to be a good valued product for the price since it retails for $10-$12.

Here are some pictures...

The cute packaging: 
Includes an alcohol wipe and a mini file to prep your nails

Here is the finished product of my nails:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Big Bold NYC Look Review

After a year of signing up to influenster I finally waited for this moment, I feel so fortunate when I got qualified for the first influenster Canadian voxbox. One of the items I received was a full size NYC big bold look mascara. It was really simple to apply, not chunky like other mascara brands I have used in the past and it does make my super short eyelashes look a little longer. I really love how it gives volume and length too so it helps enlarge my eyes a bit. The retail price is $4.99 which is a pretty affordable and yes I would recommend this product since I think that it has great value for the price.

Here is a before and after picture, the quality isn't the best since it's a screen shot from my instagram account cause I couldn't save the picture on my laptop to upload it but hopefully this helps you guys make your decision before purchasing this product.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crest Bzzagent Kit Unboxing

For those who don't know or never heard of Bzzagent before it is a site that gives out free product for people to try out and in return you just use your social networking skills to help them advertise and get the word out there about there products which is fairly simple. It is free to sign up and you don't need an invite. Once you sign up you should link your social networking sites and complete the surveys to increase your bzzagent score then you just sit around and wait till they send you invitation email to join their campaign to test out free products.

This is my third campaign which isn't free since I had to pay a $1 fee but my first 2 campaigns were and they both came with full size products and coupons too.

Check out my unboxing video I made to see what products I got this campaign :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Coach Purse

Happy Labor Day guys :) This weekend me and my family made a trip to Michigan for a one night stay. I initially didn't plan on going with my family since I have a mini shopaholic problem where I just end up buying at least one thing each time I shop. Well lately I have been trying to fix my purse collection and bought 10 purses in August before my trip then I ended up buying my 11th purse during my school break... Girls I have like no self control when it comes to shopping lol 

So on Day 1 when I found out there was a coach outlet at Birch Run I had to make a trip in there. Take note that I don't really buy coach as it is a lower end brand since I prefer saving up for the higher end purses. I mainly like to look more than I buy since if I bought everything I looked at and loved I would probably be bankrupted. Anyways I saw this pink purse in the clearance section of Coach store that I really liked a lot so I was walking around the store with it while I did more shopping. It was retailed around $330US after all the discount with tax it would cost around $96US, what a great deal ?!?! Well I ended up not buying it as I already bought 10 purses and I have another branded purse that was kind of similar so I put the purse back and walked out without buying anything. Luckily on Day 2 before we head back home my grandma had to exchange her flats so I decided to check out the coach outlet thinking they may have new items out and they did !! As you guys can see I didn't walk out of coach again empty handed woot!! 

I had to buy this purse since I'm really loving the hobo style purse and I don't have any metallic silver in my purse collection so it was a must have. I see people trying to sell this same bag on eBay for $150-180US but I had gotten this bag for $86US. If I convert this back to Canadian as of the exchange rate yesterday it is probably around $93CAD which is pretty cheap for me since I don't think I can find such a deal in Canada. The retail is $278US+6% tax +exchange rate which would be around $318CAD so this is a great deal to me! 

  Here is the lovely bag! It is my second coach bag I bought for myself not sure if I will be buying another coach bag anytime soon since I have other brands I want to buy instead. 

I love the pink fabric of the inside of my bag!! 

Other things I bought:

Spent around $200US in total since everything is just so much cheaper and I find better deals compared to my home town :) 

What do you guys think of my new coach bag ? 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My 21st Birthday

It's the time of the year when I reach another check point in my life... Sadly this year I actually couldn't do anything for my birthday since I had an exam to study for but my bf still bought me 2 cakes since he wasn't sure which one I would want more. He got me tiramisu and chocolate caramel cheesecake which I haven't tried yet and we popped it back into the freezer after blowing the candles since we probably can't finish all that cake before it goes bad... 

I was also pretty surprised that I got 2 freebies for my birthday this year :) One from Starbucks and the other is from Giant Tiger, woot who doesn't love FREE stuff ? From giant tiger I had a choice of coffee, chocolate or apple pie and obviously you guys can see which one I ended up picking...Wow it's a pretty generous freebie too a whopping $7 full sized product ! When I found this in the freezer section and picked this large size up my mom pointed out there was a smaller size and asked me to make sure that it's the right sized I picked up since she also didn't expect them to be so giving! 

For Starbucks I'm saving it till I'm really craving it...I wonder if I can actually order anything off their menu or there's limitation to what I can get free but anyways still excited to get my freebie will post pics of what I ended up ordering! 

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and my bf for going out in the hot weather just to make me happy and getting me the cakes and gifts! This is my third birthday while dating him and the first 2 I didn't get any cake from anyone which made me upset and realized that my dad usually get the cakes and since he left no one else gets me birthday cakes no more :( Hopefully from this year on my bf will be getting me cakes since I'm a cake lover and yes I love celebrating my birthday with a cake since  I really enjoy the whole making a wish and blowing out the candle tradition! This year I didn't really celebrate my birthday but I was fortunate to eat some yummy cake and spend time with my boyfriend! He also got me my favourite surprise bags from Ardenes and yes I still love surprise bags as sometimes you get a bag full of goodies you will love! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Cut Out Nails

Hey guys! I have something fun for you girls to try out over the long weekend (in Canada ). I got the idea from watching a new video that Liddy had posted on her YouTube channel. It was so simple, quick, and no art talent required to make this cut out nail look. All you need is some nail polishes, bobby pin, toothpick, tape and scissors. You can try out this nail design with whatever colours to make your nails look fun! I had tried using red and blue colour combo which I really like. Best part about this design is it's not time consuming and it looks kind of fancy. Here is the process of how my nails turned out: 

Here is the finished product with a layer of gel coat :) 
Optional: I had used a led gel top coat over my nail design so it would last longer and not chip off as easily. Have fun guys! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


On the weekend me and my mom decided to go to Walmart to pick up some freebies with coupons and I was really craving for some Macdonalds French fries badly since it's been a few months. So right when I get to Macdonalds I see a huge sign about their new sandwich that was for a limited time so it really tempted me to buy one before they stopped selling them, plus I love to eat lobster so it didn't hurt to try one. 
I ordered the Mclobster and I obviously still ordered my French fries since that's what I initially planned to grab from Macdonalds. It was a pretty good dinner combo for me and $10 well spent. This may not be everyone's cup of tea since we all have different taste for food. I like it because the lobster and it's different from other sandwiches they have on their menu. Instead of a hot sandwich this is cold since its kinda like salad style lobster sandwich, the lobster tasted fresh and didn't have any bad fishy after taste. They do give a pretty generous amount of lobster so I didn't feel ripped off. 

Inside: lobster, lettuce, celery and dressing which is a great combo with the bun since it was a bit sweet reminds me of asian buns yum! 

Overall: 9/10 only because I felt that the overall size of sandwich was kind of small , if I didn't buy the large French fries I think I would still be hungry lol 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Luxe Box Summer 2013 Review

Woot woot finally got my summer luxe box and its also my first purchase from loose button, a canadian based company. Now this is the original luxe box as I had decided not to upgrade my box since this is my first time and I prefer to have a bit of a surprise instead of knowing what I will be receiving. So excited to open the box now!! 

The box looks really classy and sturdy so I will probably be keeping this box to keep my sample products in. 

So far I'm pretty impressed with the presentation of the purchase, all the products are packed nicely in a beige nylon bag with their logo. On to see the products...

I did get 8 products and 2 of products are the same perfume which means I got a bigger sized sample of that perfume hopefully I will enjoy the scent ! One of the perfume boxes was really crappy it was bent and ripped like someone tried to open it or something but the perfume looks fine and luckily I'm not too picky but I just wanted to point that out 

Here's pictures of the individual products enjoy :) So after spraying this both me and my mom don't like this scent since we prefer something lighter and fruity. Not sure what I would do with this since I received 2... 

I have to say this is going my be my favourite blush brush !! It is so soft compared to my other brush set! 
Woot a full sized Olay CC cream hopefully it matches my skin tone well 
It's light to medium so I think it will look fine with my skin tone :) It did blend really nicely to my skin and it felt more liquidy compared with bb cream that I use. 

I have never tried this product and I don't think that a 20 years adult really need to use this Lancome product yet ? Think I will be passing this product to my mom lol

This hand cream smells really nice :) 
I'm happy to get my first Clinique mascara haven't had a chance to try this out but I'm excited. 
I keep losing my hair ties so these will come in handy and they seem to be a bit trendy to just wear as bracelets. 

Overall: I think it's a great box since I did receive better branded items compared to other beauty subscription boxes that I tried out before and gave drug store brands. This box is around $30 so it is a bit pricey but it's a quarterly box and they include 7-8 deluxe items. I did like most the products and I will actually be able to use them too so I will give this a 9/10 only because I got the 2 of the same products which obviously was a mistake, one of the boxes was not good condition and I also didn't like the scent. 

Update*  Wow I wasn't even going to bother about the perfume thing but luxe box actually sent me an email that they had made a mistake with my box since they sent me 2 of the same product so they are going to send me another product beginning of August and I really hope it arrives on my birthday :) Will post pics once I receive it ! So exciting !! 

Update 2: July 31st not even August yet and I received the makeup product. I was surprised they sent me a full sized Essie nail sticker which retails for $12 making my box a retail value of $100 woot! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

First EBay Haul Review

Woot I finally decide to compile all my mini purchases from Ebay together and do a review as they are all from different sellers and takes awhile to receive the products usually ranges from 2-4 weeks. I have been buying on eBay for years but never really shared much about my purchases with online readers so this will be my first eBay haul review :) I will list the store I got each product from and the price I paid at the time of purchase in US currency as each time the currency exchange rate was a bit different so hopefully this will help you guys and enjoy!

My lovely Ebay Haul:

I have made a previous post about my gel nail kit I bought and I found these nail tips on ebay so I thought I could do my own french manicures. Comes in 10 sizes and 50 pieces in each size so a total of 500 nail tips for a really good price. 
Price: $2.24
Nail clipper for my manicures. 
Price: $1.37

Its cheap and it works for me! This is a great, quick and easy facial hair plucker for the females. 
Price: $1.16
The tear drop makeup sponge blender was getting trendy and saw this selling at local stores for $10 but found it for a lower price on ebay!
Can't wait till winter to wear this cute bunny ear hat! 
Price: $3.19 AU 
Saw Liddy from Bubzbeauty wearing one of these and I thought they were so cute so I immediately went to search for one on ebay! The ears are kind of dented and crushed when I received it but its a lot better after stuffing it.
Price: $5.87
My boyfriend saw this sitting in my wishlist for a few weeks so he decided to buy it for me. What a cute purse, I am not a big fan of pu leather but this purse is just too cute!!
Price: $20.89 
The shirt looks really cute and I was a bit disappointed that there was a small noticeable dirt mark on it, quality is so so. It's one of those "what you pay is what you get" products.
Price: $4.48
Another cute top I got but not the best quality. 
Price: $3.41
High waisted jean shorts since I was lacking one of these pieces in my closet and the price was unbelieveably cheap! 
Price: $5