Saturday, August 10, 2013

My 21st Birthday

It's the time of the year when I reach another check point in my life... Sadly this year I actually couldn't do anything for my birthday since I had an exam to study for but my bf still bought me 2 cakes since he wasn't sure which one I would want more. He got me tiramisu and chocolate caramel cheesecake which I haven't tried yet and we popped it back into the freezer after blowing the candles since we probably can't finish all that cake before it goes bad... 

I was also pretty surprised that I got 2 freebies for my birthday this year :) One from Starbucks and the other is from Giant Tiger, woot who doesn't love FREE stuff ? From giant tiger I had a choice of coffee, chocolate or apple pie and obviously you guys can see which one I ended up picking...Wow it's a pretty generous freebie too a whopping $7 full sized product ! When I found this in the freezer section and picked this large size up my mom pointed out there was a smaller size and asked me to make sure that it's the right sized I picked up since she also didn't expect them to be so giving! 

For Starbucks I'm saving it till I'm really craving it...I wonder if I can actually order anything off their menu or there's limitation to what I can get free but anyways still excited to get my freebie will post pics of what I ended up ordering! 

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and my bf for going out in the hot weather just to make me happy and getting me the cakes and gifts! This is my third birthday while dating him and the first 2 I didn't get any cake from anyone which made me upset and realized that my dad usually get the cakes and since he left no one else gets me birthday cakes no more :( Hopefully from this year on my bf will be getting me cakes since I'm a cake lover and yes I love celebrating my birthday with a cake since  I really enjoy the whole making a wish and blowing out the candle tradition! This year I didn't really celebrate my birthday but I was fortunate to eat some yummy cake and spend time with my boyfriend! He also got me my favourite surprise bags from Ardenes and yes I still love surprise bags as sometimes you get a bag full of goodies you will love! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Cut Out Nails

Hey guys! I have something fun for you girls to try out over the long weekend (in Canada ). I got the idea from watching a new video that Liddy had posted on her YouTube channel. It was so simple, quick, and no art talent required to make this cut out nail look. All you need is some nail polishes, bobby pin, toothpick, tape and scissors. You can try out this nail design with whatever colours to make your nails look fun! I had tried using red and blue colour combo which I really like. Best part about this design is it's not time consuming and it looks kind of fancy. Here is the process of how my nails turned out: 

Here is the finished product with a layer of gel coat :) 
Optional: I had used a led gel top coat over my nail design so it would last longer and not chip off as easily. Have fun guys!