Saturday, December 21, 2013

imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

This is another free product I received with my influenster maple voxbox. I have never purchased this product before since I have my own gel nail kit. After trying out the product I actually fell in love with how quick and easy it is to put on, as advertised it only take a few minutes to glam up your nails. You clean your nails with the alcohol wipes provided in the kit choose the right size nails then peel off the film and gently stick on each nail. Yes it's that simple! I had it on for a few days now and it is still sticking on pretty tightly seems to be a good valued product for the price since it retails for $10-$12.

Here are some pictures...

The cute packaging: 
Includes an alcohol wipe and a mini file to prep your nails

Here is the finished product of my nails:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Big Bold NYC Look Review

After a year of signing up to influenster I finally waited for this moment, I feel so fortunate when I got qualified for the first influenster Canadian voxbox. One of the items I received was a full size NYC big bold look mascara. It was really simple to apply, not chunky like other mascara brands I have used in the past and it does make my super short eyelashes look a little longer. I really love how it gives volume and length too so it helps enlarge my eyes a bit. The retail price is $4.99 which is a pretty affordable and yes I would recommend this product since I think that it has great value for the price.

Here is a before and after picture, the quality isn't the best since it's a screen shot from my instagram account cause I couldn't save the picture on my laptop to upload it but hopefully this helps you guys make your decision before purchasing this product.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crest Bzzagent Kit Unboxing

For those who don't know or never heard of Bzzagent before it is a site that gives out free product for people to try out and in return you just use your social networking skills to help them advertise and get the word out there about there products which is fairly simple. It is free to sign up and you don't need an invite. Once you sign up you should link your social networking sites and complete the surveys to increase your bzzagent score then you just sit around and wait till they send you invitation email to join their campaign to test out free products.

This is my third campaign which isn't free since I had to pay a $1 fee but my first 2 campaigns were and they both came with full size products and coupons too.

Check out my unboxing video I made to see what products I got this campaign :)