Wednesday, June 26, 2013

32 pcs Makeup Brush set Review

Hey ladies,

Finally, I can remove the 32 pcs makeup brush from my Ebay watch list since I had it on there for quite some time. So my boyfriend sometimes don't know what to get me for gifts and to help him out I gave him my eBay account info so he could access my watch list, buy the items and pay with his own PayPal account. It's not much of a surprise when I receive the item but it is when I get an email that notify me of a purchase which I didn't make. I do get really excited to open a package though!

I'm so glad my boyfriend had bought me this in pink since I did have the black colour in my watch list as well. This is ordered from China and I live in Canada so it did take some time to get here around 2-3 weeks. Then when I opened the package I was really happy that there was no strong chemical smell like some products that I order from China. I was really happy that the colour was the exact same as what was shown and everything was same as the eBay seller had advertised. The leather casing is a bit cheap and the end where the string starts have a little rip which I don't really mind.

All the brushes comes nicely packaged individually as well the brush is soft and it makes a great brush set for beginners. There's a great variety of brushes for face, blush, eyes, lips to experiment with and I still need to figure out what some brushes are for. Overall I thought it was good quality for the price. This brush set cost around $17 CAD (shipping included) at the time my bf had purchased it but I noticed lately the conversion US to Canada is more so it might be a bit more expensive.

P.S- Sorry about the bad lighting in some pictures since it makes it look purple instead of pink don't know why my phone does that!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Sensationail Pink Chiffon Review

I had previously made a post on my senationail kit I bought and this is my tester review of the product. So I had only tested 3 fingers since I didn't want to waste too much product as I work food service so I would only have a few days before I have to remove the gel polish. The first two fingers I used pink chiffon gel polish that came with the kit ( and I really love the color). On the third finger it is a different branded gel polish that I had received a sample from those beauty boxes that I used to subscribe to.

I am so glad I had bought this kit! Honestly, I think it is so worth the $60CAD that I had paid for the kit. My nails actually turned out really nice like I got them done at a salon, I will also get my money worth after doing my nails a few times. Somedays I just feel lazy to head out to get my nails done so this saves the travel time to the salon and the instructions are easy to follow. Have fun with DIY gel nail kit :) 

*Update*- Added a picture of my whole hand painted  in nature lighting 

L'oreal Spring 2013 Colour Riche Nail Trendsetter Collection

These are the newest spring 2013 l'oreal riche nail polish colours that I had won from a twitter contest from l'oreal. The retail price is $6.99 per bottle at shoppers drug mart in Canada. I absolutely love the colours they are so bright, bold and colourful for spring and summer seasons! This is my first time using l'oreal brand nail polish since I usually order my nail polishes from Avon for a lower price.

I find that you need 2 layers for a good smooth coverage. The drying time time are kind of long for these since I tried to do a gelly sandwich and after painting the top gel coat and curing the nail polish starts to squeeze together making weird bump. Next time I will be trying with another brand nail polish to see if it is the nail polish that just doesn't work that well in a gelly sandwich or whether I just need to wait longer for it to dry even more. Well time for me to try out more things with my new nail polishes!

Sensationail Pink Chiffon starter kit review

I'm so excited to try this product out! I recently ordered a Sensationail pink chiffon starter kit online using EBay which took 2-3 weeks to arrive from US to Canada. The reason I bought it online is because I didn't want to wait till it goes on sale and purchasing one would at retail cost $90 + 13% tax which makes it $100+... So instead I was fortunate to find a good US seller who was selling this product for $39USD+ $16USD for shipping so it came up to around $58 CAD paying with PayPal. I didn't have to pay any custom taxes so in the end it was worth the wait since I saved $40 woot! I will be making another post with a review of this product once I finish my exam so stay tuned my readers out there :)