Wednesday, June 26, 2013

32 pcs Makeup Brush set Review

Hey ladies,

Finally, I can remove the 32 pcs makeup brush from my Ebay watch list since I had it on there for quite some time. So my boyfriend sometimes don't know what to get me for gifts and to help him out I gave him my eBay account info so he could access my watch list, buy the items and pay with his own PayPal account. It's not much of a surprise when I receive the item but it is when I get an email that notify me of a purchase which I didn't make. I do get really excited to open a package though!

I'm so glad my boyfriend had bought me this in pink since I did have the black colour in my watch list as well. This is ordered from China and I live in Canada so it did take some time to get here around 2-3 weeks. Then when I opened the package I was really happy that there was no strong chemical smell like some products that I order from China. I was really happy that the colour was the exact same as what was shown and everything was same as the eBay seller had advertised. The leather casing is a bit cheap and the end where the string starts have a little rip which I don't really mind.

All the brushes comes nicely packaged individually as well the brush is soft and it makes a great brush set for beginners. There's a great variety of brushes for face, blush, eyes, lips to experiment with and I still need to figure out what some brushes are for. Overall I thought it was good quality for the price. This brush set cost around $17 CAD (shipping included) at the time my bf had purchased it but I noticed lately the conversion US to Canada is more so it might be a bit more expensive.

P.S- Sorry about the bad lighting in some pictures since it makes it look purple instead of pink don't know why my phone does that!