Thursday, July 18, 2013

First EBay Haul Review

Woot I finally decide to compile all my mini purchases from Ebay together and do a review as they are all from different sellers and takes awhile to receive the products usually ranges from 2-4 weeks. I have been buying on eBay for years but never really shared much about my purchases with online readers so this will be my first eBay haul review :) I will list the store I got each product from and the price I paid at the time of purchase in US currency as each time the currency exchange rate was a bit different so hopefully this will help you guys and enjoy!

My lovely Ebay Haul:

I have made a previous post about my gel nail kit I bought and I found these nail tips on ebay so I thought I could do my own french manicures. Comes in 10 sizes and 50 pieces in each size so a total of 500 nail tips for a really good price. 
Price: $2.24
Nail clipper for my manicures. 
Price: $1.37

Its cheap and it works for me! This is a great, quick and easy facial hair plucker for the females. 
Price: $1.16
The tear drop makeup sponge blender was getting trendy and saw this selling at local stores for $10 but found it for a lower price on ebay!
Can't wait till winter to wear this cute bunny ear hat! 
Price: $3.19 AU 
Saw Liddy from Bubzbeauty wearing one of these and I thought they were so cute so I immediately went to search for one on ebay! The ears are kind of dented and crushed when I received it but its a lot better after stuffing it.
Price: $5.87
My boyfriend saw this sitting in my wishlist for a few weeks so he decided to buy it for me. What a cute purse, I am not a big fan of pu leather but this purse is just too cute!!
Price: $20.89 
The shirt looks really cute and I was a bit disappointed that there was a small noticeable dirt mark on it, quality is so so. It's one of those "what you pay is what you get" products.
Price: $4.48
Another cute top I got but not the best quality. 
Price: $3.41
High waisted jean shorts since I was lacking one of these pieces in my closet and the price was unbelieveably cheap! 
Price: $5