Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Luxe Box Summer 2013 Review

Woot woot finally got my summer luxe box and its also my first purchase from loose button, a canadian based company. Now this is the original luxe box as I had decided not to upgrade my box since this is my first time and I prefer to have a bit of a surprise instead of knowing what I will be receiving. So excited to open the box now!! 

The box looks really classy and sturdy so I will probably be keeping this box to keep my sample products in. 

So far I'm pretty impressed with the presentation of the purchase, all the products are packed nicely in a beige nylon bag with their logo. On to see the products...

I did get 8 products and 2 of products are the same perfume which means I got a bigger sized sample of that perfume hopefully I will enjoy the scent ! One of the perfume boxes was really crappy it was bent and ripped like someone tried to open it or something but the perfume looks fine and luckily I'm not too picky but I just wanted to point that out 

Here's pictures of the individual products enjoy :) So after spraying this both me and my mom don't like this scent since we prefer something lighter and fruity. Not sure what I would do with this since I received 2... 

I have to say this is going my be my favourite blush brush !! It is so soft compared to my other brush set! 
Woot a full sized Olay CC cream hopefully it matches my skin tone well 
It's light to medium so I think it will look fine with my skin tone :) It did blend really nicely to my skin and it felt more liquidy compared with bb cream that I use. 

I have never tried this product and I don't think that a 20 years adult really need to use this Lancome product yet ? Think I will be passing this product to my mom lol

This hand cream smells really nice :) 
I'm happy to get my first Clinique mascara haven't had a chance to try this out but I'm excited. 
I keep losing my hair ties so these will come in handy and they seem to be a bit trendy to just wear as bracelets. 

Overall: I think it's a great box since I did receive better branded items compared to other beauty subscription boxes that I tried out before and gave drug store brands. This box is around $30 so it is a bit pricey but it's a quarterly box and they include 7-8 deluxe items. I did like most the products and I will actually be able to use them too so I will give this a 9/10 only because I got the 2 of the same products which obviously was a mistake, one of the boxes was not good condition and I also didn't like the scent. 

Update*  Wow I wasn't even going to bother about the perfume thing but luxe box actually sent me an email that they had made a mistake with my box since they sent me 2 of the same product so they are going to send me another product beginning of August and I really hope it arrives on my birthday :) Will post pics once I receive it ! So exciting !! 

Update 2: July 31st not even August yet and I received the makeup product. I was surprised they sent me a full sized Essie nail sticker which retails for $12 making my box a retail value of $100 woot!