Sunday, July 28, 2013


On the weekend me and my mom decided to go to Walmart to pick up some freebies with coupons and I was really craving for some Macdonalds French fries badly since it's been a few months. So right when I get to Macdonalds I see a huge sign about their new sandwich that was for a limited time so it really tempted me to buy one before they stopped selling them, plus I love to eat lobster so it didn't hurt to try one. 
I ordered the Mclobster and I obviously still ordered my French fries since that's what I initially planned to grab from Macdonalds. It was a pretty good dinner combo for me and $10 well spent. This may not be everyone's cup of tea since we all have different taste for food. I like it because the lobster and it's different from other sandwiches they have on their menu. Instead of a hot sandwich this is cold since its kinda like salad style lobster sandwich, the lobster tasted fresh and didn't have any bad fishy after taste. They do give a pretty generous amount of lobster so I didn't feel ripped off. 

Inside: lobster, lettuce, celery and dressing which is a great combo with the bun since it was a bit sweet reminds me of asian buns yum! 

Overall: 9/10 only because I felt that the overall size of sandwich was kind of small , if I didn't buy the large French fries I think I would still be hungry lol