Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Influenster Voxbox Garnier Frutis Damage Eraser

Hey guys,

This is a late post but I would love to share what I received from influenster on valentines day. I got a big white box in my mail with Garnier written on it and right away I knew it was the mystery brand reveal which I guessed correctly. It was such a great surprise to get it in time since I hadfinished the sample sized products.

A week before I received the full size products I was sent 3 small sample sized products to try out and guess the mystery brand. I fell in love with the smell instantly since it reminded me of candy or bubble gum and it really suited my lifestyle. After a few usage I could tell the product quality was great like some salon brand since it left my hair feeling and looking healthier. These products are perfect to be used especially in this cold winter seasons which my hair tend to be more damaged from excessive hair blow drying. I was only expecting 3 full sized products so when I saw a fourth full sized product which is a bonus definitely made my day even better.  

I'm really fortunate I got qualified for this garnier mystery brand program since I got to try 2 new products I never thought of ever buying. I look forward to seeing great results with repairing more of my split ends and changing up my hair care routine to erase the damage in my hair! Thanks influenster and garnier for the complimentary products.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #CSMTKO Influenster Voxbox

Wow so happy that I qualified for my second canadian voxbox I didn't get the confirmation email till the day I received it. It came in a white plain box without their usual Influenster logo so I definitely got a nice surprise when I opened it up. 
It has 7 benefits in one bottle so I thought it was great value given the price of a bottle and they have a nice range of colours to choose from.

7 Benefits are:
- base coat
-top coat
- strengthener
-growth treatment 
-gel shine

When I received it all 3 bottles were frozen due to the freezing weather here in Ontario, Canada so I had to wait till they all defrosted to try out the nail polish. I was so excited to try them out influenster picked out some nice colors, my favourite one is the jaded color I love the minty look of it.

 When it finally defrosted and I was ready to get painting I realized that it was a flat styled brush and I was worried it would be hard to use it. 

Fortunately the way the brush was shaped it made application easier. I find that you will need at least 2 layers of the nail polish since one layer is not opaque. The drying time is also a bit slow if u apply multiple layers so if you are in a hurry I don't suggest you to apply it. It didn't start chipping till 3-4th day but it varies between each person depending on your lifestyle. It does have a nice shiny gel like finishing but it doesn't have the plasticky feel like gel nails which I didn't mind. Overall it's a great nail polish and yes I would recommend this product. 

Here's a picture of the jaded nail polish with some pearls and a bow deco: