Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines day Sasa gift 2013

I was so happy to place an order on Sasa to buy face masks and some other face products and what made me more happier was when it arrived before valentines day! It took them around 2 weeks luckily customs didn't held my package ! My total was $100.50 it was even written as declared value on the box so I was surprised I was able to pick up my package from post office without having to pay any custom tax and I live in Canada where taxes are 13% which is a lot !! The whole time I was so worried I had to pay a lot for custom tax since one time I ordered from this wholesale site to buy cloths and my order was around $130 with shipping but I had to pay $48 for tax.

So I picked all the products out and my boyfriend was nice enough to pay for my order and he told me it was be my valentines day gift so it was pretty sweet of him! He spoils me from time to time so I am a pretty lucky girl to have this man in my life!

I got 43 regular masks, 3 SK-II mask these were expensive around $10 each, SK-II facial lotion and cleansing gel, eye brightening gel, oil absorption sheets and I also got a mini sample of lotion :) My overall shopping experience was nice, I didn't have any problems so I give Sasa site 10/10! Also the reason I order $100 worth of items so that I can qualify for free shipping !

Valentines Day Food 2013

This year valentines day I decided to make my food all match with valentines day theme. I have posted a picture of my meal which includes mashed potato, steak (which I sliced up), carrots, corn, rice and last but not least I topped some items with gravy. It was actually my first time to get to enjoy gravy at home since usually my mom never makes gravy or buy the canned ones. We used the club house powder gravy packages and I was impressed by the taste cause it was like the same flavour from buffets. I love gravy a lot but my mom just never bought it cause she didn't like to cook unhealthy food for us when we were little. Now that me and brother are grown up my mom is more lenient in buying us and making us yummy but unhealthy meals. I know some family's like to buy prepackaged food or microwaveable food that saves them time to prepare for dinner. Whereas my parents like to cook dinner from scratch.

In my second picture is pills bury valentines day cookies !! Oh I needed an excuse to eat pills bury ready to bake cookies because they are one of those mouth watering cookies for me! Once I pop one of those cookies in my mouth I can't stop reaching for another one. They can be a bit addicting guess it's the sugar and flavour.

That's how I celebrated my valentines day with a delicious dinner and ended my night with mouth watering cookies !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day

Hey guys! In ontario, Canada some cities had to deal with a heavy snow storm on Feb 7th night through Feb 8th. I was supposed to work yesterday and my work place is on a university campus since classes were canceled so my work shift was cancelled too :) Was nice to have a day off!! Great 4-5 hours to catch up with school work since I keep procrastinating so much this term. So I ended up watching tv and reading this novel called " The Walking Dead" which will be tested on my midterm on monday. Wish me luck !

What do you guys do on a snow day ?

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Flower Ebay Rings for $2

This is my first blog post about ebay review hopefully it will help readers out there! Here are 2 new rings I had purchased from eBay they cost only $1USD each with shipping included ! Wow right ??!?? It is cheap and so pretty I must say and I just wanted to share the great jewelry deals I find with everyone. They were shipped from china I ordered numerous jewelries from across the country before so on average I receive my items 2-4 weeks which isn't so bad since I don't mind waiting.

How to find it ? Type in "rings" in search box then what I usually like to do is click the option of "price with shipping low to high". Now you will see rings for $0.01 but those are auctions and I don't like bidding since I have to wait and sometimes bidding ends up costing more than the "buy now" price! So I just click "buy now" price that way I can just view all the cute rings for $1.

Problem: What if I have skinny fingers ? Well you can still find pretty rings like both the rings I am wearing in my pictures they are adjustable ones.

What to check ? I know eBay does cash back for most items that's why I choose items that includes free shipping. This way I get cash back for the same amount I would have to pay if the item charged shipping. For example, I have seen the same products sold by different sellers that are different prices but the end price is the same. Cause one seller charges lets say $10 for the product with free shipping and another seller charges that same product for $6 but you have to pay $4 for shipping so therefore in the end you actually pay the same amount but you get a bit more eBay cash back for buying the same item with free shipping.

Next I really recommend checking the seller's rating and read some of their feedbacks to get an idea if the seller is trustworthy or not (this may require creating an eBay account). Be sure to check the details whenever you make a purchase of any item. Also for me ordering from ebay has been pretty safe since you pay with paypal instead of giving out your credit card info to every seller. I have made over 100+ purchases, I won't lie but I have had issues and sometimes sellers are worried about getting a bad feedback so I message the seller first about my problem then some sellers are nice enough to offer me a refund if the item doesn't arrive after a month or it came broken.


-ordering from eBay sellers from china can be a hit or miss since they basically send you a replica of the picture they posted
-what you pay is what you get, don't expect quality to be super good
-can take a long time to receive shipment
- can be stinky depends what you order (like phone cases or wallets)
- sizes may not be that accurate (like shoes)

One tip: paint a coating of clear nail polish over your jewelries to make them last longer

Overall rating of my purchases: 9/10 because I didn't have any problems just that I had to wait 3 weeks

Have fun shopping and buying cheap and pretty jewelries to wear for fun :) Leave a comment or question if you have any and I will reply asap ~

Happy birthday to my boyfriend :)

Happy 22nd birthday boyfriend! This is my first time using my personal blog reaching out to anyone and making birthday wishes so feel special! I wish you have the best birthday as I am not there this year ago!! Well hopefully after this birthday I won't have to miss anymore since you will be moving to Ontario to live with me in half a year ! Wow crazy how it's so soon thinking back when we first started dating almost 2 years ago we were only talking about how and who should move since you live in BC.

I am really proud of myself for finding such an amazing boyfriend I mean it's hard to find "the one" in such a big pool. I know you are the one for me and I hope you think the same one too. And I thank the Lord for letting us be fated to meet 4.5 years ago back in July/2008.

There are also so many "if's" to think about that I can ask like:
if we Didnt get introduced how different will our life's be? If I never confessed would you ? If you never had work trips would you even visit me? If you didn't visit me would our relationship last ? ... Etc
Have you ever thought of the "if's"? I wonder if we never dated would I be single or not lol

Anyways I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to have you as my boyfriend not sure if you will ever read my blog post but yeah. I love you! ❤

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bladeless fan contest win

The awesome bladeless fan I won from a contest woohoo :) I LOVE it !! Can't wait till summer time to use this new fan. I never owned a fan in my life so I was pretty excited when I found out I won a fan and what made me more excited was it was bladeless. I never heard of this brand before so hopefully it is safe to use and doesn't break down that quickly since I really love it!

Face slimmer

Around beginning of December a co-worker of mine had told me I looked like I got chubbier worried so I quickly ordered this on eBay for $5 and received it today. Hoping it will actually work if I use it everyday and I really love the color !

I read online that you use this everyday 10-15 minutes everyday while watching TV or whatever you want and the results will show after a month or so :) But lately I have been busy with school so I actually haven't been  doing my face slimming exercise consistently. Guess I won't be expecting any noticeable results any time soon. Also this is supposed to help boost circulation so even if I don't notice any slimming results it's still good for my face!