Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day Food 2013

This year valentines day I decided to make my food all match with valentines day theme. I have posted a picture of my meal which includes mashed potato, steak (which I sliced up), carrots, corn, rice and last but not least I topped some items with gravy. It was actually my first time to get to enjoy gravy at home since usually my mom never makes gravy or buy the canned ones. We used the club house powder gravy packages and I was impressed by the taste cause it was like the same flavour from buffets. I love gravy a lot but my mom just never bought it cause she didn't like to cook unhealthy food for us when we were little. Now that me and brother are grown up my mom is more lenient in buying us and making us yummy but unhealthy meals. I know some family's like to buy prepackaged food or microwaveable food that saves them time to prepare for dinner. Whereas my parents like to cook dinner from scratch.

In my second picture is pills bury valentines day cookies !! Oh I needed an excuse to eat pills bury ready to bake cookies because they are one of those mouth watering cookies for me! Once I pop one of those cookies in my mouth I can't stop reaching for another one. They can be a bit addicting guess it's the sugar and flavour.

That's how I celebrated my valentines day with a delicious dinner and ended my night with mouth watering cookies !

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