Friday, February 8, 2013

New Flower Ebay Rings for $2

This is my first blog post about ebay review hopefully it will help readers out there! Here are 2 new rings I had purchased from eBay they cost only $1USD each with shipping included ! Wow right ??!?? It is cheap and so pretty I must say and I just wanted to share the great jewelry deals I find with everyone. They were shipped from china I ordered numerous jewelries from across the country before so on average I receive my items 2-4 weeks which isn't so bad since I don't mind waiting.

How to find it ? Type in "rings" in search box then what I usually like to do is click the option of "price with shipping low to high". Now you will see rings for $0.01 but those are auctions and I don't like bidding since I have to wait and sometimes bidding ends up costing more than the "buy now" price! So I just click "buy now" price that way I can just view all the cute rings for $1.

Problem: What if I have skinny fingers ? Well you can still find pretty rings like both the rings I am wearing in my pictures they are adjustable ones.

What to check ? I know eBay does cash back for most items that's why I choose items that includes free shipping. This way I get cash back for the same amount I would have to pay if the item charged shipping. For example, I have seen the same products sold by different sellers that are different prices but the end price is the same. Cause one seller charges lets say $10 for the product with free shipping and another seller charges that same product for $6 but you have to pay $4 for shipping so therefore in the end you actually pay the same amount but you get a bit more eBay cash back for buying the same item with free shipping.

Next I really recommend checking the seller's rating and read some of their feedbacks to get an idea if the seller is trustworthy or not (this may require creating an eBay account). Be sure to check the details whenever you make a purchase of any item. Also for me ordering from ebay has been pretty safe since you pay with paypal instead of giving out your credit card info to every seller. I have made over 100+ purchases, I won't lie but I have had issues and sometimes sellers are worried about getting a bad feedback so I message the seller first about my problem then some sellers are nice enough to offer me a refund if the item doesn't arrive after a month or it came broken.


-ordering from eBay sellers from china can be a hit or miss since they basically send you a replica of the picture they posted
-what you pay is what you get, don't expect quality to be super good
-can take a long time to receive shipment
- can be stinky depends what you order (like phone cases or wallets)
- sizes may not be that accurate (like shoes)

One tip: paint a coating of clear nail polish over your jewelries to make them last longer

Overall rating of my purchases: 9/10 because I didn't have any problems just that I had to wait 3 weeks

Have fun shopping and buying cheap and pretty jewelries to wear for fun :) Leave a comment or question if you have any and I will reply asap ~

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