Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy birthday to my boyfriend :)

Happy 22nd birthday boyfriend! This is my first time using my personal blog reaching out to anyone and making birthday wishes so feel special! I wish you have the best birthday as I am not there this year ago!! Well hopefully after this birthday I won't have to miss anymore since you will be moving to Ontario to live with me in half a year ! Wow crazy how it's so soon thinking back when we first started dating almost 2 years ago we were only talking about how and who should move since you live in BC.

I am really proud of myself for finding such an amazing boyfriend I mean it's hard to find "the one" in such a big pool. I know you are the one for me and I hope you think the same one too. And I thank the Lord for letting us be fated to meet 4.5 years ago back in July/2008.

There are also so many "if's" to think about that I can ask like:
if we Didnt get introduced how different will our life's be? If I never confessed would you ? If you never had work trips would you even visit me? If you didn't visit me would our relationship last ? ... Etc
Have you ever thought of the "if's"? I wonder if we never dated would I be single or not lol

Anyways I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to have you as my boyfriend not sure if you will ever read my blog post but yeah. I love you! ❤


  1. I was actually looking for some ideas of birthday wishes for boyfriend and I've found this. such a nice post to read. Sweetness overload! Kudos to the author. ;-)

  2. Thanks I hope my boyfriend will read this one day :)