Welcome to my blog! I'm Andrea! I'm 21 years old full-time university student who was majoring in econ for 2 years then decided it just wasn't what I wanted to do anymore. I recently found a new career passion and would love to finish my BA degree with a minor in Human Resource Management one day. This is a place to share the things I love and to also do reviews on products I tried out. I am someone who can get fascinated easily, my current interest are DIY projects, makeup, makeup brushes, nails, and food of course. The next diy projects I want to try out are making wire metal jewelry to bring out my creative side and homemade soap since it won't have as much harsh chemicals.

I am obsessed with ordering things online especially when sites offer free shipping with no or low minimum so I don't feel the need to order things I don't really want just so I could qualify for free shipping. I love buying expensive things at the same time I enjoy being frugal by spending my money wisely and using coupons proudly. I was obsessed with learning to become a couponer in 2013 but it got in the way of school since I put in way too much time like waiting by my laptop most the day just so I could get my hands on a free product coupon as those are only limited quantity and goes fast. I also love being a couch potato wasting my weekends catching up with my dramas or listening to music while reading magazine on my tablet with the nextissue app.

 I'm currently happily living with my family and boyfriend of 3 years in Ontario, Canada. We added a new addition; a cute puppy to our family in November, 2013 which I will do a blog post on.

Contact me at wondersofandrea@gmail.com and links to my social media are on the top right side of the page.