Monday, June 16, 2014

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

Hello everyone,

How is your summer going so far? I still have a long list of to-dos this summer to complete such as going to the beach, DIY ombre hair, concert, festivals etc... 

Recently influenster sent these imPRESS nails to let me try them out and I did look forward to them since the first time I was really impressed! Upon receiving them I was a bit disappointed since I felt the nail designs didn't suit me that well. Regardless I did wear them out and one of my friends actually thought I painted it myself so I guess they look natural as well.

These are two separate packages the Sally Hansen gel polish kit is a badge prize from a previous campaign and on the right side is the current campaign and I was sent two imPress nail manicures to try out.
 Close up of what the nail designs look like:
Oddly, this package is missing a mini nail file... 
 I love to arrange the false nails in order before I start my manicure since I find it easier to find the pairs.
After I just use alcohol wipes to quickly wipe across the surface of my nails to make sure they are clean before I peel off the plastic film and stick the nails on and here is the finish product in minutes with no dry time, super easy right?!?   
I love the marble look style but I wish it was in a different color but it still looks cute:  
A few days later I decided to paint over them to change up the look but sadly I smudged my nails before I got a chance to take a better picture. The nail polish didn't react that well with the fake nails though is on some fingers when it's dried it gives a really weird bumpy texture which isn't very noticeable in the picture. 
Overall:  8.5/10, since they last about a week for me just wish they would stick on longer like closer to two weeks. They act like a shield for my weak nails so they don't break easily and can actually grow out. These imPress nails are very easy to put on, they provide different sizes so there should be one that will be really close to fit per nail. There's no dry time so it's great when you are in a rush for a last minute date and the price is very affordable less than $10/manicure.    

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