Thursday, May 8, 2014 Makeup Haul

Hi everyone,
I can't believe it's been a year since I placed my last order with because they changed their free shipping compliments with an increased order minimum ($25). However, I did occasionally visit their website throughout the year to checkout their weekly sales. As I mentioned in my last post I am slowly working to expand my makeup collection and since had sales for some of their lip products I thought it was a great time to stock up. I was impressed that still process orders super fast; about 2 business days to ship out. I was so excited to receive my package I decided stay home and wait for it so I could open the package as soon as it was delivered to my mailbox. I kept on tracking the number and waiting anxiously for it to arrive but it never did sadly and later realized that the reason could of been the use of a different delivery person who may not know his routes that well. The usual mailmen knows me well since I order a lot of things online (hehe) and he always delivers mail at a consistent time frame...Anyways, I was so excited upon receiving this little box of goodies!
Ta-da! You probably spot a bunch of lipsticks and that is the reason I did this haul. 
I initially chose 6 lip products then I added a nail polish and an eyeliner to qualify for their $25 minimum for free shipping. My final total was around $31CAD after taxes. They also let me pick a free sample (yay freebies) I chose the burts bee product. Here is a picture of all my products:   
I have always wanted to try baby lips line but thought it was pricey for a lip balm but I got it since it was on sale. I've been mainly using this and it's very moisturizing, the only concern I have since this is a tinted lip balm you will need to use lip scrub before applying  the product clings on to your dry skin. 
Although it is very sheer it lets you control how pink you want your lips to be. (The swatch is 2 gentle swipes back and forth on my hand). 
First time trying wetnwild lipsticks, I couldn't resist purchasing them since they were selling at such an affordable price. Wetnwild Pink Ice 528A lipstick- I love this bright pink shade, the lipstick is opaque, creamy.
Wetnwild Dark Pink Frost 502A lipstick-  Creamy, nice pink with a bit of purple and has a nice golden shimmer which was hard to capture with my camera, afforable
This is my second NYC cityproof twistable, I love how cute the packaging and easy application, cute pink shade, a bit sheer, creamy.  
NYC Blossom 316- Moisturizing, creamy, not sticky, affordable, highly pigmented, bight pink
NYC City duet The Empire Lilacs 427- get your money worth since you can get 3 different colors with this lipstick,  I wish I gotten different colors since the purple tone don't really suit me well. 

 What is your go to lipstick ? 

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