Thursday, May 8, 2014

Walmart Ring Haul

Today I went to walmart with my mom to help her with grocery then I started wondering off on my own (I just couldn't help it) ending up in their jewelry section. I have really thin fingers I actually need to wear a size 5.5 since size 5 is too small for my index and middle fingers and size 6 is too big sadly. Well I did manage to find 5 rings I liked then I decided to choose my favourite top 3 styles since I own a lot of rings already. The 3 rings I bought are size 6 but they are all a bit loose so I might have to put a bit of hot glue on the inside of the ring so it doesn't twist around my finger so much. All 3 rings cost around $36CAD after taxes which isn't so bad hopefully they will last a year before the crystals fall out or the silver paint chips off. 

Please excuse the lighting the rings look more mesmerizing in person.
This is my favourite one and the picture doesn't do the ring justice. All the crystal looks more sparkly and the pink crystal doesn't look as see through.
I have always wanted to buy a princess inspired ring but I didn't know where I would be able to find it in my size luckily I found one at walmart.    
I bought this ring because it's simple and chic and I can accessorize this with any outfit.

Which one do you like most?