Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines day Sasa gift 2013

I was so happy to place an order on Sasa to buy face masks and some other face products and what made me more happier was when it arrived before valentines day! It took them around 2 weeks luckily customs didn't held my package ! My total was $100.50 it was even written as declared value on the box so I was surprised I was able to pick up my package from post office without having to pay any custom tax and I live in Canada where taxes are 13% which is a lot !! The whole time I was so worried I had to pay a lot for custom tax since one time I ordered from this wholesale site to buy cloths and my order was around $130 with shipping but I had to pay $48 for tax.

So I picked all the products out and my boyfriend was nice enough to pay for my order and he told me it was be my valentines day gift so it was pretty sweet of him! He spoils me from time to time so I am a pretty lucky girl to have this man in my life!

I got 43 regular masks, 3 SK-II mask these were expensive around $10 each, SK-II facial lotion and cleansing gel, eye brightening gel, oil absorption sheets and I also got a mini sample of lotion :) My overall shopping experience was nice, I didn't have any problems so I give Sasa site 10/10! Also the reason I order $100 worth of items so that I can qualify for free shipping !