Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glymm Bag Review- February 2013

What is Glymm?
Glymm is a beauty sample box monthly subscription that includes 4-5 samples. Their monthly price is raised the to $15/month which includes free shipping. They also have 6 month or yearly subscription which gives you a discount and still includes free shipping.

I finally got my February glymm bag today in the mailbox which is the first week of march! I paid for this box January 10th but I receive it almost 2 months later... This is my third glymm bag and I noticed they are shipping out packages later and later. I hope they will fix this soon or they may be losing customers since they also raised their monthly subscription prices and their samples sizes are just the same. I have one more month of subscription with them then I'm done with glymm until I see them improve their shipment system.


Love the bag, it's really cute!!
This month's bag includes:
-Purely pro eye shadow
-nailuv gel nail polish
-femme couture monster gloss
-Villainess ginger snapped bar soap
-coupon for 50% of a shinyset subscription which they changed the expiry date till 3/21/13

I don't really like this months bag because I have a lot of lipgloss and I hardly use them so I will prob be giving this one away. The uv gel polish requires a uv or led light to cure it which I don't have so it's not meant for everyone. The soap doesn't smell good to me I prefer to use fruity or flowery scent. The eyeshadow seems kind of dull there's no shimmer at all. Also I don't shop at shinyset since I saw them selling a necklace for $20 and I found the exact same necklace on ebay that cost only $3 with free shipping ! Overall I don't really like the samples for this month but I definitely love the bag a lot!

Rate: 5/10