Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Canada Glossybox Win 2013

Woohoo I finally received my glossybox after one month from the contest I won that was held by Trendtrunk. This is actually the second contest I won from trendtrunk! Love glossybox since it is a pretty pink box filled with 5 samples and most the boxes contain 2 full sized products and its a monthly subscription that costs $21 with shipping included.

I did unsubscribe with them since November 2012 as the prices went up from $15 to $21 which I thought was kind of pricey and I have a lot of makeup products already. It was nice after a few months when I'm getting low in samples stock I receive a nice glossybox so really happy that I got it for free. I was looking forward to get glossybox's one year birthday box though since it was prettier and it was filled with better products! Anyways I am still happy with what I received since its free and I'm able to use them.

Inside the box:

1) Wella Professional Leave-in Mousse 190g retails for $17.99 (Full size, $17.99) [Can't wait to try this out !]

2) Burt's bees milk and honey body lotion 170g retails for $12.99 ( sample size 25g, $1.91) [ Tried this once today and it seems to make my hands feel really soft, already in love with this lotion]

3) Nivea lip care 4.8g retails for $2.00 ( full size, $2.00) [ love Nivea lip balms I use their lip balms everyday]

4) Beauty So Clean wipes 48 pack retails for $12.50 (sample 12 wipes, $3.13) [I don't really use wipes ...]

5) Befine food skin care 50-150ml retails for $24-$30 (sample 5 packs 54ml, $16) [I had received this sample in the August 2012 box and I'm glad to receive this sample again as I like how they use a more natural ingredient]

Overall retail value of box: $41.03

Overall impression of samples: 4/5
I like most the product I received :)