Monday, June 17, 2013

Sensationail Pink Chiffon starter kit review

I'm so excited to try this product out! I recently ordered a Sensationail pink chiffon starter kit online using EBay which took 2-3 weeks to arrive from US to Canada. The reason I bought it online is because I didn't want to wait till it goes on sale and purchasing one would at retail cost $90 + 13% tax which makes it $100+... So instead I was fortunate to find a good US seller who was selling this product for $39USD+ $16USD for shipping so it came up to around $58 CAD paying with PayPal. I didn't have to pay any custom taxes so in the end it was worth the wait since I saved $40 woot! I will be making another post with a review of this product once I finish my exam so stay tuned my readers out there :)