Monday, June 17, 2013

Sensationail Pink Chiffon Review

I had previously made a post on my senationail kit I bought and this is my tester review of the product. So I had only tested 3 fingers since I didn't want to waste too much product as I work food service so I would only have a few days before I have to remove the gel polish. The first two fingers I used pink chiffon gel polish that came with the kit ( and I really love the color). On the third finger it is a different branded gel polish that I had received a sample from those beauty boxes that I used to subscribe to.

I am so glad I had bought this kit! Honestly, I think it is so worth the $60CAD that I had paid for the kit. My nails actually turned out really nice like I got them done at a salon, I will also get my money worth after doing my nails a few times. Somedays I just feel lazy to head out to get my nails done so this saves the travel time to the salon and the instructions are easy to follow. Have fun with DIY gel nail kit :) 

*Update*- Added a picture of my whole hand painted  in nature lighting