Monday, September 2, 2013

New Coach Purse

Happy Labor Day guys :) This weekend me and my family made a trip to Michigan for a one night stay. I initially didn't plan on going with my family since I have a mini shopaholic problem where I just end up buying at least one thing each time I shop. Well lately I have been trying to fix my purse collection and bought 10 purses in August before my trip then I ended up buying my 11th purse during my school break... Girls I have like no self control when it comes to shopping lol 

So on Day 1 when I found out there was a coach outlet at Birch Run I had to make a trip in there. Take note that I don't really buy coach as it is a lower end brand since I prefer saving up for the higher end purses. I mainly like to look more than I buy since if I bought everything I looked at and loved I would probably be bankrupted. Anyways I saw this pink purse in the clearance section of Coach store that I really liked a lot so I was walking around the store with it while I did more shopping. It was retailed around $330US after all the discount with tax it would cost around $96US, what a great deal ?!?! Well I ended up not buying it as I already bought 10 purses and I have another branded purse that was kind of similar so I put the purse back and walked out without buying anything. Luckily on Day 2 before we head back home my grandma had to exchange her flats so I decided to check out the coach outlet thinking they may have new items out and they did !! As you guys can see I didn't walk out of coach again empty handed woot!! 

I had to buy this purse since I'm really loving the hobo style purse and I don't have any metallic silver in my purse collection so it was a must have. I see people trying to sell this same bag on eBay for $150-180US but I had gotten this bag for $86US. If I convert this back to Canadian as of the exchange rate yesterday it is probably around $93CAD which is pretty cheap for me since I don't think I can find such a deal in Canada. The retail is $278US+6% tax +exchange rate which would be around $318CAD so this is a great deal to me! 

  Here is the lovely bag! It is my second coach bag I bought for myself not sure if I will be buying another coach bag anytime soon since I have other brands I want to buy instead. 

I love the pink fabric of the inside of my bag!! 

Other things I bought:

Spent around $200US in total since everything is just so much cheaper and I find better deals compared to my home town :) 

What do you guys think of my new coach bag ?