Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Makeup haul- Sephora and Marshalls

Back in high school I used to wear foundation on a daily basis since I wanted to cover up my pores. Then I stopped caring as much about how I looked when I attended university and stopped using makeup till mid January 2014 that is when I had dropped out of school temporary. After I realized I was left with lots of free time as I am unemployed at the same time so I decided to catch up with all the beauty trends and started watching some beauty gurus on youtube. I was surprised how well some of the products worked for them so I figured I had to get my hands on those products to test out myself. This is my first sephora haul that isn't a gift from my boyfriend and I feel proud that I saved up for it with the money I made participating in online surveys and in person research studies held at my school to make some allowance money. As of now, I already gotten 2 part time job offers so until I get my first few paychecks my makeup collection won't be growing as fast as my interest towards makeup and super soft makeup brushes.
This is my mini beauty haul: 
I usually wear drug store foundation which ranges $10-15 but I never understood if it was me or the makeup since it just never covered my redness that well even with concealor or when I layered my foundation. I read a lot of reviews on the sephora website about the kat von d tattoo foundation to find out most agree that the product coverage is so high you don't need concealer then I decided to buy it. The packaging is really pretty, the bottle and the pump design feels very luxrious when you pick it up. My first impression I was just astonished by the results since I have a lot of redness due to sensitive skin. By a lot I mean more than half my face on both sides got redness all over and around my nose area too. I also have big pores, I find that this product does minimize the look of my pores like other foundations I tried but it has better coverage. The foundation is pretty thick compared to ones I have bought in the past though I still find it easy to apply and I'm mentioning this because one of my friend didn't like the texture. This product has a matte finish, I find it last about 4-5 hours on my combination skin before I start to notice my nose look a bit shiny. I personally hate my face looking shiny so I could easily fix the look with powder or blot sheets then reapply a bit of the product. I don't like how this product makes my dry skin more obvious since the product clings on to the pieces of dry skin which they normally don't look that visible without foundation. Overall I would rate the product 8/10 since it is a bit pricey too.  
I haven't tried the porefessional product yet since I have been obsessed with the tattoo foundation and fasincinated by the high coverage. I got the product because of all the hype and good review hope it lives up to my expectations when I get the chance to try it out. It's a bit pricey for the amount you get hopefully a little goes a long way and I wish sephora had the bigger size in stock. As for the eye lash glue I got it because I ran out of my last one and needed one more item to qualify for free shipping (haha). I also went to Marshalls on the same day to look for some real techniques brushes but they didn't have the ones I was looking for. I did end up buying 2 other brushes by essential beauty which I never heard of them before. The bronzer brush cost $8 and the blush brush cost $7 these were the only 2 left of this copper gold color (I swear in stores the color looked more gold which is why I bought these on impulse but oh well still like them). 

The next 2 pictures are a comparison of the size of the brushes.

Both brushes are super soft duo fibre and haven't shed after washing. The bronzer brush is more dense and softer compared to the blush brush. I would recommend the bronzer brush if you ever see this brush selling at Marshalls it blends out my bronzer really nicely to give a softer and more natural contoured look. 
What is your favourite foundation and makeup brush? I really want to add the real techniques blush brush to my collection it looks uber soft plus in pink one of my favourite colour!

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