Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Plushie

Hi guys, this blog post isn't a tutorial it's intended to share with you guys my new loved hobby. Once I find a new hobby that I get super hooked onto, I find myself spending my days away on that hobby. I'm sure some of you guys are the same; like some guys gaming, they just can't put the controller down. Well for this hobby, I couldn't put my sewing needle down. I basically get lost in my hobby world and forget what's going on around me. This only takes someone with some basic sewing skills by hand and know how to make or find plushie patterns online to get started. 
These are so worth making, it takes about 1-3 hours to make a plushie depending on level of difficulty and the detailings but once you finish these little guys you feel a surge of success and happiness. You can buy the materials all from dollar store except for the stuffing which you can buy from a craft store. The felt pieces approx 30cmx20cm cost about $0.56 with tax and it's enough to make 2 mochi plushies. The cost of making one plushie isn't a lot but it may cost you some money to start but if you decide to make a bunch of plushie it's not going to cost that much overall. You may also be able to buy a pillow that uses stuffing and you can take it apart which is what I did since I got the pillow for free from Leon's giveaway around Christmas time and it was just sitting around. Have fun trying this out! Pictures below. 
This is the first plushie I made and it's great for starters. You can easily find templates and tutorials of this. Isn't he so cute? 
I'm a sushi fan so I had to make and add him to my collection 
I made this one for my little cousin. 
Part of my plushie collection: