Monday, April 21, 2014

Have you met Bubbles ?

You know when Barney from How I met your mother says "Haaaaaaave you met Ted?" well that inspired me to name my title.  Bubbles is my 7 months old puppy, he is a shih tzu, pomeranian and jack russel mix who is about 20lbs. He is my first pet and I am still learning everyday to be a great mom to my puppy. It was a great decision to buy him but to be honest I did have some doubts of keeping him during the first two months. I got him at a bad time since it was a few weeks before final started for university. During the first month he whined almost every time he was alone and he would wake up every few hours at night whining which lead me to be sleep deprived. I had to give up a lot of my time for my new puppy to play and nuture him properly while also preparing for finals. It was difficult but I am so glad I made it past those hardship and never gave up on both of us. 

Bubbles still whines maybe one or twice a day from loneliness but it is definitely easier to handle now as he stops whining pretty quickly. He eats 2-3 meals a day and excretes less often woot. He doesn't like eating out of his food bowl so he would try to knock the food out on to the ground. He loves it when we feed him especially when he is lying on his bed you just put the food near him he will try to stretch his neck out as far to reach it since he's lazy to get up. There's something I honestly don't understand. He would chew off paint and wood of the closet frame, chew the wood off his gate, a plastic handle of his toy...etc but he gets so picky with his actual food which probably taste better and have more flavor. His sleeping pattern has adjusted to the same time as ours so he would fall asleep from 11pm and doesn't whine till about 9am to clean up his mess. We usually try to clean it as soon as he lets us know to prevent him from eating his poop. I don't know if he really likes us cleaning up after him since he learned to hide his poop, we have found it in his cage and under his blanket before so we always have to check when we clean up. On the bright side he is always full of energy, love socializing especially with strangers and very welcoming when we get home. The things I miss which he grew out of is his constant hiccups and him sitting on my lap whereas now he just comes up to sit beside me. 

For some unknown reason when I put him in my room at night time he tends to stay up and wonder around to chew my things that's sitting on the floor but he sleeps right away in my boyfriend's room. I do get a bit upset because I want to sleep with my puppy who is ridiculously fluffy and cuddly. I hope this post gives you a basic idea what it's like being a pet parent and help make your decision about getting a pet or not. Feel free to ask me questions about my experience. 

These two pics are taken on his first day (8.5 weeks old) at a new home he looked so fluffy, tiny and precious. Miss him being this size.

This is him getting his manicure done by me and showing them off haha. I'm actually teaching him the trick "leave it" and he is just waiting for me to let him eat the pieces of carrot. 
Okays maybe he doesn't fall asleep hugging his stuffy but I couldn't help it for the picture.
One of his favourite things to do is looking out the window, he can sit there for hours looking at other animals passing by in my backyard, birds flying in the sky or my neighbour's kids jumping on their trampoline. I find it really cute when he is standing up against the window and alternating stepping side to side due to excitement.
Yes, my puppy is spoiled I recently upgraded him food/water container to this one so he wouldn't have to bend his neck so much. I mixed his wet and dry food but he's obviously being super picky with his food and spitting out the dry food all over the kitchen floor. 
Finally spring came so it was nice to take him out for a longer walk to the pond 
Here is a picture of him falling asleep while keeping his head up.  

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at the pictures of this little guy!